Good Faith Appraisals knows how to serve loan officers.


Why do loan officers choose Good Faith Appraisals?

For several reasons:

    Underwriting approval: Our appraisals get approved with underwriting.  Our values and reports are sound and logical.  They can be put up to the most stringent review process.  Other appraisers cringe if they know there is an appraisal review ordered on their work; not GFA.  We welcome all underwriters, lenders, appraisers, and review appraisers to look over our work.  We are confident in our appraisal products.

    Turn times: We have some of the fastest turn times in the industry.  GFA builds relationships.  That means that if you need an appraisal tomorrow, we will try our best to make it happen.  If you don't need it for 2 weeks, great; we'll get it to you in 1 week.  We try to over-deliver in service.

    Trustworthy values:  We do not "push" values.  But, we do appraise for the highest amount that is supportable and makes market sense.  If you are looking for an appraiser you can push around, look for someone else.  We deal with quality clients, and because of that, we have trust throughout the lending community. 

    We take care of your client: We understand that you are recommending us and we will make sure you don't regret that.  We did not cold call, have a relationship, sell, sit in a booth, or anything else to get your client.  You did that work, and we recognize that.  We will treat your client like they were our client.  Have faith in GFA.

I understand that the appraisal ordering process has changed, but you can still recommend Good Faith Appraisals to your AMC of choice.



            "PS. The person you referred me for the inspection was top notch...very informative and professional and took the time to explain everything..."

Dave Schissler, Edgewater Home Mortgage







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