Meet Chris Vasecka of Good Faith Appraisals   

    Hello, my name is Chris Vasecka, and I am the owner of Good Faith Appraisals.  I have been a certified appraiser for over 19 years.  Over that time I developed a reputation for excellent service and high quality reports in the real estate and mortgage community.  Before I started Good Faith Appraisals, I was the manager of the appraisal review department at one of the largest appraisal companies in the US.

    Good Faith Appraisals is a family company.  None of this is possible without the support of my wife, Stacey.  We have four beautiful children.  Bethany, Marcus, Katelyn, and Benjamin.  During the summer you will find us at various baseball fields, basketball courts, or mountain biking races watching or coaching games.  During the winter the kids play basketball and are active in the church.  We attend Embrace Church in Tea, South Dakota.  Feel free to find or connect with me at any of the links on this page. Thanks for checking out our company.  We look forward to serving you.

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