What is an appraisal review?


    Appraisal reviews are easier to describe, because basically if you don't know what one is, you don't need one.


    Typical homeowners do not need appraisal reviews for the most part. This product is ordered by lenders, underwriters, and mortgage companies. I used to be the manager of an appraisal review department at one of the nation's largest privately owned appraisal companies. I have personally completed over 10,000 appraisal reviews. I have also overseen the completion of many thousands of appraisal reviews.


I am one of the most qualified appraisal reviewer's in the country.


    If you need a desk review or a field review, you will be very pleased with the reports that I give. One thing to remember, that even many underwriters and lenders do not know: An appraisal review report is a review of an original appraisal, not the original appraiser. It is very possible for an appraiser to get an accurate value, but have an error-filled original appraisal. Many appraisers will not even complete appraisal reviews, because they require "too much work." You will find that our fees for appraisal reviews are extremely competitive, especially when you consider the competence and experience you're getting with each review. Because of my extensive appraisal review experience, I am willing to tackle the difficult appraisal reviews that others will refuse.


Sample of a desk review


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